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fNograph was started at the Harvard Innovation Lab with a simple mission:

to use the latest technology to make it easy to learn from consumers

around the world


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"I need to learn how

our sales can grow

within key consumer



Access fNograph’s original video libraries of consumer

perspectives, a fully searchable collection of hundreds of videos

with product-specific ideas and insights


Get real-time, unfiltered feedback about your products,

marketing, brand, stores, consumer experience and more


Subscribe to a video library topic or ask your own questions to
create a private collection for your team


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Some of the biggest companies in the world use fNograph to spot growth opportunities

fNograph Video Libraries
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"I have a big presentation and I need to use video to influence a decision"


Presenting the consumer stories behind your data

visually validates your most important points


Use fNograph videos to sell your ideas, influence

your partners, enhance your next presentation

and gather insights to inspire your team


fNograph makes it easy to capture any

consumer segment on video in 100 global

markets in as short as a week


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fNograph has hundreds of data points, research videos, ideas and insights on our Medium blog. Check it out


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"I need a simple way to

learn about the consumers

we are winning and losing"


The fNograph app captures the why behind the buy

with unfiltered feedback from consumers on video

at the moment they try, buy and use products


Visually learn from consumers across U.S. and global markets

with little time and effort


Track trends, inspire ideas and learn about your industry

and competitors through the voice of the consumer


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start your 7-day free trial now





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